As of 2016 Timbarra Thai have introduced WEEKLY SPECIALS!

Dine in for the wonderful experience of new and exciting dishes that vary from Entrees, Mains, Desserts and Drinks.

We pick out 3 of the 4 mentioned and change them every week to give our customers a chance to try dishes they wouldn’t usually order to liven things up! You’ll be surprised to see what will get thrown onto the specials list, depending on what is seasonal we will put anything from Curried Crab to beautifully rice paper rolls with an abundance of crisp fresh vegetables.

Upon dnining in please refer to the front page of our menu and excite yourself with something new! Or ask our staff about our WEEKLY SPECIAL that is on offer to acquire more information about the dish and whether or not it is the right dish for you.

So come on down this week to be the first to try the dish you’ve been waiting for!


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